Community Standards

PS 452 has a list of community standards that our staff and students adhere to when in school and out and about in our community.

  • Be careful with other people’s feelings. Don’t tease, insult, threaten or call anyone an unkind name.
  • Tell the truth; don’t lie.
  • Use appropriate language. Don’t use bad words or gestures
  • Respect other people’s conversations. Don’t interrupt when people are talking.
  • Don’t bother people when they are working or learning. Don’t barge into classrooms.
  • With your body:
    • Be careful with other people’s bodies. Don’t hit or bite or fight. Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.
    • Be careful with other people’s things. Don’t steal or break or damage anyone’s property.
    • Be careful with our school property. Don’t destroy things and don’t write on desks or walls.
    • Always ask this question: “Would you like it if someone did that to you?”
    • Be quiet in the halls. Classes should walk quietly.
  • Listen to and follow directions given by any staff member.
  • Be on time.
  • Walk. Do not run.
  • Work quietly in your classroom so that other people can think.
  • Don’t fool around in the bathroom.
  • Don’t chew gum.
  • Eat only in the cafeteria, or during designated times, in your classroom.

When you do not follow the community standards, you will be asked to try to solve the problem that you created. You may have to:

  • Write a letter of apology.
  • Participate in mediation.
  • Lose privileges.
  • Meet with an administrator or social worker.
  • Your family may be contacted. Inappropriate items may be confiscated.

Our children are young but it is not too early to instill good conduct and values, which they will have to abide by throughout their school career. Please, review these rules and the information found in our handbook as a family in simple language your little one can understand. Thank you!

Our first Kindergarten class developed the rules below. We think they hold up well today!

Have fun.

Play nicely.

Be Kind.

Be polite to everybody.


Care about others.

Respect everyone.

Try your best.

Tell the truth.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Help someone in need.

Stand up for your friends.

Listen to teachers.

Sit quietly when you are supposed to work.

Don’t wander or leave the classroom without telling an adult.

Follow bathroom rules: wait and check, go and flush, wash your hands, turn off water, use 1 paper towel, and throw in garbage.

Follow lunch room rules: line up, get your food, sit and stay put, eat and talk quietly with friends, clean up, get ready to line up.

No running in the hallways and inside the school.

Leave toys at home.

No chewing gum.

Be quiet during fire drills.

Use your “inside voice”.

No screaming.

Use kind words/ No bathroom words/No bad words.

Choose a different center every day at choice time.

Don’t be bossy.

No bullying.

Don’t make fun/ don’t tease.

Don’t hurt others.

No fighting/No hitting/ No pushing/No punching/ No spitting/ No biting.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Use words instead of your hands.

Respect each other’s body.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Take turns/No skipping.

Include everyone in the game.

Treat materials in the class carefully.

No throwing blocks.

Be good to your principal.

No cartwheels in the class.

Do not kill the pets.

No trading shoes.

No peeking in the bathroom.