PS 452 Specials Intro 22/23


PS 452 students work on individual and collaborative art projects under the leadership of Art Teacher, Ms. Lori Collman.

Incorporating the learning of the current project studies each grade contributed to the project pictured at right.

  • Kindergarten – Trees (Park Study)
  • First Grade – Buildings and Shops (Community Building)
  • Second Grade – Subways (Underground)
  • Third Grade – Skyline (Skyscrapers)
  • Fourth Grade – Modes of Transportation


Physical Education (P.E.)

At PS 452, we use the New York City K-5 Physical Education Scope and Sequence 

From the NYCDOE Office of School Wellness Programs regarding the Scope & Sequence:

This comprehensive curricular planning resource provides a practical framework for implementing comprehensive, skills-based Physical Education instruction. Developed by DOE instructional leaders and teachers and aligned to State and national standards, the Scope and Sequence emphasizes consistent foundational skills and concepts. It is organized into five thematic categories identified and selected by New York City public school teachers:

  • Safety and Management
  • Community Building
  • Locomotor Skills
  • Rhythms and Educational Gymnastics
  • Manipulatives

Key components of this Scope and Sequence include:

  • Thematic overviews
  • Grade-level learning outcomes grids
  • Content is divided into two grade-developmental levels, K-2 and 3-5, to allow for differentiated lesson planning and age-appropriate activity
  • Prioritizes foundational skills and health-related fitness outcomes
This year we are focusing on Physical Literacy, developing the fundamental movement skills that all children need, such as running, hopping, throwing, catching, and jumping. These movement skills give kids the confidence to participate in different physical activities, sports, and games. We will use the NYC DOE K-5 Physical Education Scope and Sequence to develop physical literacy. This comprehensive curricular planning resource provides a practical framework for implementing thorough, skills-based Physical Education instruction. This year we will be covering:
  • Safety and Management
  • Community Building
  • Locomotor Skills
  • Rhythms and Educational Gymnastics
  • Manipulatives


Occasionally we get invited to special events such as:

  • NYRR RunCenter Events
  • Professional Athlete Visits
  • NYC Marathon Cheering Sections

For further information please contact P.E. Teacher Ivan Leon at ileon5@schools.nyc.gov



Digital Literacy is taught by Ms. Littles a founding first and fifth grade teacher at PS 452. She is the founding Digital Literacy teacher for our DigLit program. Students will explore new books and learn ways to find and share information as well as explore their wonderings in 3K - 5th grade. Children will use the library to research and learn about ways to care for library books by borrowing up to two books a week. Students will learn ways to use technology safely and become Digital citizens in our rapidly changing world. They will develop keyboarding skills and grow ideas in our Makerspace!  I am so excited to watch your children learn, design, grow and explore!

Please visit our Library website at http://www.ps452library.com.


The music studio at PS 452 is an exciting space for students to explore their world through speech, singing, dancing, playing, and creating under the leadership of Music Teacher Mr. Taylor. Our youngest musicians discover their creativity through rhymes, simple songs, playground games, and children's literature. A traditional rhyme such as Hickory Dickory Dock acts as a springboard for singing games, movement exploration, rhythmic development, instrument playing and improvisation.  As our musicians progress year to year, they build on their knowledge and skills developing their singing voice, collaboration skills, movement vocabulary and instrument playing.  Connections to various subjects, world cultures and local community are made throughout the grades.  For example students in fourth grade learn about music of the Lenape, Native American stick games and dances as they learn some of their first melodies on the recorder.  Yes, the dreaded recorder is introduced in third grade and continues into the beginning of fifth.  The music studio has a wide variety of small percussion, drums, and barred instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, etc.).  In fifth grade the students will begin the baritone ukulele and learn about music production. We look forward to having student performances in the spring from grade 2-5. 

Music instruction follows the NYC Blueprint for the Arts – Music and the National Core Arts Standards.  Lessons are crafted in the Orff Schulwerk model blended with Kodaly and Dalcroze pedagogies.  PS 452 participates in the Carnegie Hall’s Music Explorers and LinkUp! programs and  MusicWill (formerly Little Kids Rock)

Mr. Taylor has been teaching music for over 25 years and is thrilled to be in his 6th year at PS 452.  He holds a degrees in music education and bassoon performance from The Crane School of Music - SUNY Potsdam. Originally from upstate NY, he has an affinity for (rubber) chickens, cows and snow.  Craig is a DOE Music Facilitator and Vice-President of the local Orff chapter.  As a teacher educator, Craig teaches the Orff pedagogy in the NYC certification course and presents workshops both locally and nationally.  Craig holds certification in Orff, Kodaly and Levels 1 &2 in Emotional Intelligence from International Society for Emotional Intelligence. He was a founding member of SoLI and performs with a recorder quartet.  In his spare time Mr. Taylor enjoys boxing and baking.