PTA Committees

Learn more about PTA committees and join or ask questions by reaching out to the contact email address provided.

Auction Committee
Chair: Erin McCarthy | contact:
Oversees all planning related to the annual spring auction including: selection of date and location, theme, event publicity, solicitations, food/beverage, decorations, and catalog.

Audit Committee
Chair: OPEN | contact:
The Audit committee reviews the financial records of the PTA once during the year to reconcile revenues with expenditures. It is required that it be made up of a majority of general PTA (non-Board) members.

Budget Committee
Co-Treasurers: Dan Cohen and Matt Garrrity | Contact:
Crafts and monitors the PTA budget, including making recommendations for allocation of funds. Works with Principal Parker to determine school needs.

Community Service Committee
Chair: Gwen Kilvert | Contact:
Plans and manages activities centered on giving back and being involved with the community beyond PS 452's doors. See the Community Service page for more information.

Fundraising Committee
Vice President of Fundraising: Reema Kapadia | Contact:
Plans and manages various fundraising activities and events throughout the year, including a read-a-thon, book fair, movie nights, and more.

Grant Committee
Chair: OPEN | Contact:
Identifies and applies for funding in the form of grants.

Green Team Committee
Chair: OPEN | contact:
Oversees and advocates for healthy and environmentally responsible choices for the school. Areas of involvement include school lunches and recycling.

Teacher Appreciation Committee
Chair: Caitlin Sullivan | Contact:
Organizes events throughout the year for teachers and staff including dinners during parent teacher conferences, one or two breakfasts throughout the school year and the activities during the weeklong teacher appreciation week.