Family Handbook

Family Handbook 2020-2021

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P.S. 452

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Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!
The PS 452 school day is 8:30am - 2:50 pm. 
Go to to view a current calendar at any time.
Inclement weather: At times during the academic year the weather may not be suitable for children to attend school. If this is the case, please listen to your local news and weather reports on the radio or television. Please, check the school calendar regularly for any particular change or school closings.


Who to contact with a question or concern:

  1. If your child is having a problem in class or you have a question or concern about the class or curriculum, contact the teacher via a backpack note in kid mail, or by leaving a message for the teacher with the school secretary (212) 259-6222.

  2. For questions about admission, busing and other parental concerns, contact the Parent Coordinator, Sharon Lustig, at

  3. For questions about PTA events, committees or fundraising, contact the committee chair or a PTA officer.

Contact Information
PS 452 Main Number 212-259-6222
PS 452 Fax Number 212-259-6235
PS 452 Parent Coordinator Sharon Lustig
PS 452 School Nurse 212-259-6222 x7080 or press 6
NYC Office of Pupil Transportation 718-784-3313
District 3 Community Education Council 212-678-5857
Family Welcome Center 212-342-8300
New York City Information 311
PS 452 Website
NYC Department of Education Website
PS 452 Twitter

Notify NYC

Notify NYC is the City’s emergency alert system. Get notified about school closings and other emergency related items in several different categories. Enroll at: in a new browser tab .

Visiting PS 452



At the start of the school year, students will receive several forms via their backpack kid mail folder that need immediate attention. After filling them out you will return them to the main office in your child’s kid mail folder.

1. Blue Emergency Contact Card

Please fill out the front and back of this emergency contact card in blue/black in and return it to school as soon as possible. It will be kept in the main office in case of an emergency. This form must be submitted annually with current information. You must list several people who can be contacted in the event the school cannot reach you. Your child will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the Blue card with a note from you so please make sure the numbers are working and up to date. If numbers change during the school year, it is important that you come in to the main office and make the change to the blue card yourself. If your address should change during the school year you must bring in two pieces of address verification to the main office so that the new address can be entered in the DOE database and you must fill out a new housing questionnaire and blue emergency contact card. During school hours, students can only be released to an adult over the age of 18 that is listed on their blue emergency contact card. All adults must provide a picture id. New families fill out the blue card during pre-registration so will not need to update it in September, unless there have been changes.

2. SchoolFood Form

Every student must submit a SchoolFood form regardless of whether the student will eat a meal at school. Each school day New York City Public School students are able to enjoy FREE breakfast and lunch meals. Parents or guardians must return a completed paper application to their child’s school OR they can apply on line at using any electronic device with an internet connection. If you require a paper application, they are available in the main office – G15. Completing the SchoolFood form helps secure state funding for our school. For assistance or questions on the lunch application, contact SchoolFood’s Help Desk at 877-363-6325.

3. Media Waiver Consent Form

Every family must submit a media waiver release form for their child. If you do not consent, simply write “no consent” on the form. New families fill out the form at pre- registration.

4. Student Dismissal Form

Every family must submit a student dismissal plan. It is the family’s responsibility to communicate to your classroom teacher your child’s dismissal plans.


PS 452 school hours are from 8:30 AM to 2:50 PM

ARRIVAL: Pre-K & KPlease wait outside the schoolyard gate of the small yard at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 61st Street. Line up along the fence on Amsterdam Avenue. The gates will open around 8:25AM. Kindergarten children enter the gate independently. At this time you will escort your Pre-K child through the small yard and into the building. You will say “so long” to your child at the classroom door. Children will enter the classroom on their own and you will exit down the stairs to the main entrance doors. ( remove this part the same way you entered.) PS 452 Staff will be nearby to assist any family that is having difficulty separating at the start of school or when requested later on in the school year. The gate will close about 8:35am.

For families with a sibling in older grades, they may enter the building with you and your older child may walk to their respective line up location inside the building.

ARRIVAL: 1st through 5thPlease wait outside the gate on Amsterdam Avenue between 60th & 61st Street.

A member of the PS 452 staff will come outside to welcome families at approximately 8:25AM at which time students will enter the school. Please say a brief “farewell” to your child prior to them entering the school. Teachers will meet their classes outside in the yard.


Pre-K: You will pick up your child from his/her classroom.

Kindergarten through 5th Grade: Rain or shine, you will pick up your child outside in the schoolyard using the gate on Amsterdam Avenue in the middle of the street that leads to the main yard. Please enter the yard to find your child’s classroom teacher. The teacher will dismiss your child to you and then you will exit the yard using the gate on 61st St. Please make certain to place any changes to your child’s regular dismissal plans as a note in the purple home-school folder with any updates or changes for the classroom teacher. For the rest of the school year, a PS 452 staff member will open the gate beginning around 2:50PM. All children should be picked up no later than 2:55PM.

Late Pick Up:

We will take students who are not picked up on time to the cafeteria, and a PS 452 staff member will contact adults listed on the Blue Emergency Card. We understand that emergencies do occur. Please call the main office if there is an emergency to notify us that you will be late. Staff members have other responsibilities at the end of the day so please try to be on time. Before leaving the building, the person picking up the child must present identification and sign the child out in the sign out book. If it becomes very late, and a child is not picked up or if no one on the blue emergency card can be reached, the 20th Police Precinct or the Administration for Children Services (ACS) will be notified.

If your child participates in another after school program, please instruct them to pick up your child via the instructions above.


Please arrive and pick up on time! It is important that children arrive at school on time so that they do not miss important morning routines and do not disrupt these activities for others. All children who arrive after the gates are closed should proceed to the main entrance and enter on 61st street. Please, do not take your child directly to the classroom. It is equally important that your child is picked up on time. It is upsetting to the child when he or she is picked up late. Furthermore, all staff have other duties to attend to right after dismissal.


Instruction begins as soon as the children arrive in the classroom. Please give your child the opportunity to make an unhurried transition into a very busy school day. The school day begins at 8:30 am. Tardiness creates a disruption and a difficult start of the day for our learners. If your child is late, stop at school safety and the main office will be notified. A staff member will escort late children to their classroom. All visitors must stop at school safety in the main lobby first, to sign in with a photo id, before proceeding with their child to the main office. Do not take your child directly to their classroom. We appreciate you following this rule for the safety of all of our staff, students, and families in the building.


Consistent attendance is extremely important. If your child is ill or unable to come to school, please, call or email the school. All absences must be documented. If your child has been ill 5 days or more, please send in a doctor’s note of explanation.

Regular attendance is extremely important for your child to succeed in school. Please make every effort to have your child attend school unless her/she is sick. Check the school calendar carefully and plan family vacations and appointments during school breaks. Taking your child out of school for family trips is against DOE regulations and academically disruptive to your child’s learning.

Lateness and absences must be permanently recorded by the New York City Department of Education. If your child is absent, you will receive a call from our Automated Global Connect system even if the school is aware your child is absent. Parents/Guardians of students with excessive lateness and absences will receive letters and / or phone calls regarding their child’s attendance record.

Please note: Lateness and absences are part of a student’s permanent record and are considered by middle schools when reviewing their 4th grade attendance during admissions in 5th grade. Excessive absences and lateness will reflect negatively on your child’s application.


If you need to pick up your child early for any reason, please, come to the main office and “sign out your child”. A staff member will bring your child to you. Please do not arrange to pick up your child during their lunchtime. We encourage parents to make appointments (for example, dentist) out of school hours so that children do not miss any instructional time. It is challenging to collect a student and his/her belongings during lunch/recess. If you schedule appointments during lunch/recess times please arrange to pick up your child before that period begins. If your child is picked up during the school day, s/he must be picked up by an adult listed on the blue emergency card (18 years or older.) If sitters or siblings pick up a child after school, we must have a note from the parent/guardian.


If there are changes to the regular schedule you must send a note with your child that day. For example, if your child regularly takes the bus but is being picked up that day, the teacher must have a written note or he/she will be sent home on the bus, regardless of what the student says. Teachers will not consider verbal messages from the student. Emails to teachers must be written 24 hours in advance, as they are not checking during school hours. In an emergency or changes to the dismissal on the day, call the main office and speak to a person to give the detailed dismissal changes. If a student attends an afterschool program in the school, it is the family’s responsibility to notify the program director and the classroom teacher about dismissal changes. Students will not be released to any person not named on the blue emergency card without a written note.


Chancellor’s Regulations do not allow birthday celebrations in classrooms.

We do want to acknowledge your child’s special day. Teachers may ask the class to sing a birthday song or let the child wear a special crown or hat or let the birthday child choose a special activity. But we cannot accommodate cakes, cup- cakes, party bags, etc. However, if you wish to donate a book or a puzzle or other material to the class in honor of your child, the classroom community will be grateful. Please, let your child’s teacher know in advance. We will celebrate summer birthdays in June.

Nothing crushes a young spirit more than the dreadful realization that one is among the few (or is the only one) excluded from a classmate’s birthday party outside of school. Please, be considerate and do not distribute party invitations at school unless everyone in the class is invited. In addition, we would like to encourage families not to pick up from the yard a large group of students to travel together to a party, if everyone has not been included. We understand that this may be easier for families, however, for the few that are excluded from the classmate’s birthday party it is distressing to be the one left out.



Students are permitted to bring the following electronic items to school: 1) cell phones; 2) laptops, tablets, iPads and other similar computing devices (“computing devices”); and 3) portable music and entertainment systems, such as iPods, MP3 players, PSP, and Nintendo DS.

A. The use of cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems at school is subject to the restrictions below.

  1. Cell phones and portable music and entertainment systems may not be turned on or used during the administration of any school quiz, test or examination.

  2. Computing devices may not be turned on or used during the administration of any school quiz, test or examination, except where such use has been explicitly authorized by the school or is contained in an Individualized Education Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

  3. Use of cell phones, computing devices, portable music and entertainment systems and other electronic devices during the administration of state standardized examinations is governed by State Education Department Rules.

  4. Cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems may not be turned on or used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises.

  5. Cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems may not be used in locker rooms or bathrooms.

B. Cell phones may be used as set forth below.

  • Cell phones may not be turned on or used while on school property. The cell phone must be kept in the child’s backpack during the school day and turned off. The school bus is considered school property and as such cell phones may not be turned on or used on the bus. Failure to comply, will result in the cell removed from the child and returned at the end of the day or to the guardian when the child leaves the bus.

C. Computing devices may be used as set forth below (select applicable option(s) or select other options consistent with Regulation A-413). During the school day:

  • Computing systems may not be turned on or used during instructional time, except for instructional and educational purposes with the explicit approval of the teacher.

D. Portable music and entertainment systems may be used as set forth below (select applicable option(s) or select other options consistent with Regulation A-413). During the school day:

  • Portable music devices and entertainment systems may not be turned on or used during instructional time, except for instructional and educational purposes with the explicit approval of the teacher

E. Confiscation and return of electronic items. School-based policies must describe the procedures for the confiscation, storage and return of electronic devices. In determining whether to confiscate an electronic device, schools should consider the nature of the violation. Where appropriate, measures should be instituted in a progressive fashion. Such measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • warnings
  • confiscation of item and return at end of school day
  • confiscation of item and return following parent conference
  • confiscation of item and return following student entering into behavioral contract
  • revocation of privilege to bring item to school.

F. Discipline

  • School-based policies must state that students who use cell phones, computing devices, and/or portable music and entertainment system in violation of any provision of the DOE’s Discipline Code, the school’s policy, Chancellor Regulation A-413, and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (“ISUSP”) will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.


Breakfast is free for ALL students. Pre-K children receive breakfast IN their classrooms during the regular school day. K-5 have the option for an early morning breakfast drop off. 
 If your child would like free breakfast, children can be dropped off to a PS 452 staff member in the main lobby between 8:00 am and 8:20 am.  It is imperative that your child arrive prior to 8:20 am to have time to eat and to arrive at class by 8:30 am. Our staff will stay with your child during breakfast and 1st -5th grade will line up in the yard. Kindergarten will be escorted by a staff meember to their classroom. 

Please Note: The school safety agent assigned to our school sits at a desk inside the main lobby. Per DOE regulations, the person is not permitted to allow children to enter the building before there is other school staff supervision, even in inclement weather. School Safety Agents are there to monitor the traffic coming in and out of the building, it is not their responsibility to watch students left unattended. Please do not leave children unattended in front of the building.

Please, make sure your child has breakfast either in school or home. Children are not able to learn, concentrate, and participate if they are hungry!

Recess: Children will go to recess outside every day except in severe weather and rain. NYC Department of Education recommends that children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given every opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing, there is ice on the playground, or the wind chill factor creates an effect temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), temperature alone should not be a barrier to outdoor play. They will have lunch afterwards. PS 452 recommends that children need to have proper attire to go out (sweaters, jackets and hats, gloves etc. when it gets colder.) Work with your child to practice how to properly put on their winter garments. Remind them to cover exposed skin in the winter, and use multiple layers to maintain warmth. Remember to label these items with your child’s name and “P.S. 452”! On very cold days, we take precautions to keep students warm and ensure that they are properly dressed with the winter garments that you provide.

Lunch: P.S. 452 children will have lunch in their classroom this year.. Lunch is supervised by teachers this year. Children may bring their lunch or have school lunch. Children are encouraged but never forced to eat. A variety of healthy options are served which is part of the “Wellness in the School” Program. School lunch is free for everyone. Please, remember to discuss any dietary restrictions or allergies with the staff.

If your child requires a homemade lunch, please, make it nutritious (no candy, chips, soda, etc. and no glass containers).

Water: Please, send children with a refillable bottle of water labeled with their name. Children need to hydrate throughout the day and especially when they play outside in hot weather. No glass bottles, jars or containers are allowed in school. Our PTA has on sale PS 452 water bottles that you may purchase for your children to use in school.


Immunizations: The NYC Department of Health has strict medical requirements for new entrants to school. Each child must have an up-to-date, complete medical examination, which includes all the required immunizations. In January, any child that does not have up-to-date, complete immunizations will receive a letter and be excluded from school until all required immunizations are administered. Medical documentation must be provided to the school.

Medications: If the doctor prescribes medicine that your child must take during school time or if your child has any other medical needs, your doctor must fill out Form 504/Medical Administration Form (available in the main office or on the Department of Education website.) Staff members are not allowed to dispense medicine. (This includes sunscreen.)The school nurse is the one allowed to dispense medication but only with Form 504/Medical Administration Form on file. Please, let PS 452 know and see the nurse if you have any question in Room G8on the ground floor. Children are not allowed to carry medication with them to school and are not allowed to self-medicate. However, students may apply on themselves sunscreen, hand lotion or lip balm.

Allergies: Let us know about any food or other allergies immediately and if your child will require an Epi- pen in the classroom. Various staff members have been trained in the use of an Epi-pen.

Sickness: Please, do not send your child to school when s/he does not feel well. PS 452 has a set of guidelines, in accordance with general medical standards, to assist parents in making a decision whether it is necessary to keep an ill child at home.

Your child should not attend school if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

  • Evidence of infection, sore throat and swollen, tender, painful neck glands

  • Fever of 100* or higher (including having such a fever in the past 24 hours)

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Earaches

  • Persistent cough

  • Body Rash

  • Pink Eye

  • Ring Worm

  • Lice(your child needs to be checked by a staff member before returning to class)

Parents/guardians whose children become ill at school will be contacted to pick up the child. If your child has a contagious disease, please inform the school.

Accidents: A child who has an injury while in school will be seen by the school nurse. In the case of minor injury where the child returns to class, s/he will be given a note to take home. In the case of an accident that results in more than a minor injury, the staff member who is in charge of the child will fill an accident report required by the DOE and parents/guardians will be contacted.

If your child has an injury outside of school, please send a note to the teacher. This is not an invasion of your privacy but we are required by the NYC Department of Education to inquire about unusual injuries observed by the staff.

In case of an emergency, and if time permits, staff will make every effort to contact you before deciding what action to take to insure your child’s health and safety.


Parent – Teacher conferences this year are scheduled four times a year. All families are encouraged to make use of these informative sessions to discuss their child’s progress with teachers. If you feel that there is an additional need to meet with your child’s teacher, please call the school to make an appointment or e-mail the teacher. You will get specific details about the schedule from the classroom teachers. The November and March conferences are by virtual appointment to accommodate everyone and reduce wait time.

Please see the School Calendar at for parent / teacher conference dates.


Toys, electronic devices computerized games and headphones MAY NOT be in school. We believe that items such as these cause distraction if taken out during the school day and cause potential problems in places such as the cafeteria and yard at recess. If an occasion arises in which your child’s teacher permits personal items, this property is the sole responsibility of your child. For safety precautions, as well as the reasons mentioned above, we ask that bats, Frisbees, and footballs not be brought to school either.


All students receive reports for families. There are two marking periods, one ends in January and the other in June. All grades receive progress reports to families that correspond with the dates of parent – teacher conferences in November and March. (See School Calendar for dates.)

Parents are asked to read these reports carefully, and discuss your child’s progress at the parent-teacher conference. When your child’s report is given to you in June, however, it is yours to keep and the Department of Education does not keep copies of these documents, which include teacher comments. It is highly recommended that parents/guardians keep the reports in a safe place. Please note this is in case you will need it for future reference.


The School Leadership Team is a joint committee of staff and parents and is one of the mandated policy- making structures of the school. Parent members are elected at a PTA meeting in the spring; however they are open to everyone to attend and observe. SLT meetings are held once a month in the afternoon. A list of SLT dates are on our website at


A School Safety Agent is on duty at all times at the main entrance to the school.

We are limiting visitors to the building this year. All adults wishing to enter the building at any time, for any reason, must use the 61st Street entrance where security is located. All visitors, including parents/guardians, must stop at school safety. A staff member will be contacted and come to the lobby.

These procedures allow school personnel to easily identify everyone throughout the building (and can alert us to potential intruders), minimize interruption of teaching & learning, and ensure the safety of your children. Please cooperate or school safety is seriously compromised.

You will also receive updated information in October regarding General Response Protocols for drills to ensure emergency preparedness. Additional information can be found at


INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAM (IEP): Every child who receives mandated special education or related services has an IEP. This includes children who are mandated for Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT), Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), Speech and Language Services, Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), mandated counseling, or any other service as stated on the IEP. Parents and staff meet periodically to review the IEP and make sure the children are progressing toward stated goals. Parents should always have a copy of their child’s IEP. If your child does not have an IEP and you have concerns regarding his/her performance, please speak to your child’s teacher.

For more information, call the Special Education Office at 718-935-2007 or go to


PS 452 has a list of community standards that our staff and students adhere to when in and out and about in our community.

  • Be careful with other people’s feelings. Don’t tease, insult, threaten or call anyone an unkind name.

  • Tell the truth; don’t lie.

  • Use appropriate language. Don’t use bad words or gestures

  • Respect other people’s conversations. Don’t interrupt when people are talking.

  • Don’t bother people when they are working or learning. Don’t barge into classrooms.

  • With your body:

    • Be careful with other people’s bodies. Don’t hit or bite or fight. Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.

    • Be careful with other people’s things. Don’t steal or break or damage anyone’s property.

    • Be careful with our school property. Don’t destroy things and don’t write on desks or walls.

    • Always ask this question: “Would you like it if someone did that to you?”

    • Be quiet in the halls. Classes should walk quietly.

  • Listen to and follow directions given by any staff member.

  • Be on time.

  • Walk. Do not run.

  • Work quietly in your classroom so that other people can think.

  • Don’t fool around in the bathroom.

  • Don’t chew gum.

  • Eat only in the cafeteria, or during designated times, in your classroom.

When you do not follow the community standards, you will be asked to try to solve the problem that you created. You may have to:

  • Write a letter of apology.

  • Participate in mediation.

  • Lose privileges.

  • Meet with an administrator or social worker.

  • Your family may be contacted. Inappropriate items may be confiscated.

Our children are young but it is not too early to instill good conduct and values, which they will have to abide by throughout their school career. Please, review these rules and the information found in our handbook as a family in simple language your little one can understand. Thank you!

PS 452 follows the NYC Department of Education Discipline Code.


Our first Kindergarten class developed the rules below. We think they hold up well today!

Have fun.
Play nicely.
Be Kind.
Be polite to everybody.
Care about others.
Respect everyone.
Try your best.
Tell the truth.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
Help someone in need.
Stand up for your friends.
Listen to teachers.
Sit quietly when you are supposed to work.
Don’t wander or leave the classroom without telling an adult.
Follow bathroom rules: wait and check, go and flush, wash your hands, turn off water, use 1 paper towel, and throw in garbage.
Follow lunch room rules: line up, get your food, sit and stay put, eat and talk quietly with friends, clean up, get ready to line up.
No running in the hallways and inside the school.
Leave toys at home.
No chewing gum.
Be quiet during fire drills.
Use your “inside voice”.
No screaming.
Use kind words/ No bathroom words/No bad words.
Choose a different center every day at choice time.
Don’t be bossy.
No bullying.
Don’t make fun/ don’t tease.
Don’t hurt others.
No fighting/No hitting/ No pushing/No punching/ No spitting/ No biting.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Use words instead of your hands.
Respect each other’s body.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Take turns/No skipping.
Include everyone in the game.
Treat materials in the class carefully.
No throwing blocks.
Be good to your principal.
No cartwheels in the class.
Do not kill the pets.
No trading shoes.
No peeking in the bathroom.

We welcome you to PS 452!
We look forward to getting to know you and working towards a wonderful partnership!
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